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Outsourcing Of The National Labor Committee Thinks Otherwise

American companies and their products, have increasingly been pursed to be manufactured abroad. This however is one of the biggest discrepancies we confront within our economy. Although many businesses argue this is beneficial in order for them to turn a higher profit and be successful, the National Labor Committee thinks otherwise. Outsourcing has become one of the leading factors in product recalls, exploitation of workers, and a major contributor to the unemployment statistics in the US. Although outsourcing is a contributor to mass production and a products supply and demand growth, it has also been known for some of the largest product recalls. â€Å"In the largest product recall in China in 2008, the baby formula of Sanlu (the largest company in the industry by volume was found to contain melamine originated from contaminated milk supply outsourced to local farmers.† (Lu, Ng, Tao, 2012, p. 2). Lu, Ng, Tao simplify the term outsourcing by expressing how â€Å"Outsourci ng involves contracting with external suppliers for the delivery of parts and components with pre-specified quality levels.† (Lu, Ng, Tao, 2012, p. 2). This is a clear indication that product quality is never fully tested when outsourcing. Quality controllers are given a general guideline to aby with, and once met the product may be produced. As a consumer there is nothing more important than a products quality and reputation. It would be ethically unfair to a consumer to save their hard earned money inShow MoreRelatedAmerica s High Tech Sweatshops8571 Words   |  35 PagesAmerica’s High Tech Sweatshops could lead to Brain Drain in the tech industry Economic globalization has created an international skilled labor race, where developed countries, compete for best and brightest human capital to advance their economies. By utilizing selective immigration policies, these economically advanced countries target highly educated, and skilled labor in foreign countries to meet their changing economic needs. The United States is no different and has utilized special guest workerRead More Effects of Downsizing Essay2449 Words   |  10 Pagescalled restructuring government, privatization, contracting out and last but not least downsizing. In the public sector it is called privatization. In business it is called downsizing. Otherwise its known as contracting out. Code words change but the intent is the same. (DIAF 99) Public governments seem to think that using Downsizing, privatization or contracting out are the best ways to balance or cut money from the budget. In actuality the worker is being hurt in his economic pocket. DownsizingRead MoreDelectables Essay2757 Words   |  12 Pagesnot doing anything about them to save the face of the company and the jobs of its employees? As Hosmer’s personal virtues theory points out, we should never take any action that is not honest, and that you would not feel pride to see reported in national newspapers and on TV. In thinking through my decision, I would weigh the pros and cons of blowing the whistle. There are several risks that accompany this decision. First of all, as a new employee, you don’t want to be looked at as a tattletaleRead MoreThe Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 20024779 Words   |  20 Pagesservices;†¢Internal audit outsourcing services;†¢Management functions;†¢Broker or dealer, investment advisor, or investment banking services; and†¢Legal services and expert services unrelated to the audit. Exceptions can be approved by the Board and are made in cases where the revenue paid for such services contributes less than 5% of revenues paid to the auditing firm. Also, a public accounting firm may provide these non-audit services along with audit services if it is pre-approved by the audit committee of the publicRead MoreWipros Hr Strategy7823 Words   |  32 PagesIndustries †¢ Consulting †¢ Telecom Service Providers †¢ Package Implementation †¢ Financial Services †¢ Application Development Maintenance †¢ Retail †¢ Testing Services †¢ Energy Utilities †¢ Technology Infrastructure †¢ Manufacturing †¢ Business Process Outsourcing †¢ Technology, Media Transportation Services †¢ Product Engineering Table 1 : Offerings of Wipro Technologies Wipro is also the first IT services company in the world to achieve the highest level of quality certification, the SEI-CMM Level 5. SinceRead MoreRyanair Holdings, Case Study 149012 Words   |  37 Pageslow fares that generate increased passenger traffic while maintaining a continuous focus on cost-containment and operating efficiencies.† Company Objectives: Strategies: 1  Low Fares—targets fare-conscious leisure and business travelers who might otherwise use a substitute form of transportation. 2  Customer Service –emphasis on better punctuality, fewer lost bags, and fewer cancellations than rivals. 3  Frequent Point-to-Point Short-Haul –secondary airports near major metropolitan areas with â€Å"no-frills†Read MoreOrganizational Behaviour and Hr Management: the Case of Aeroflot7062 Words   |  29 Pagesconnections also with review commission. Board of directors linked with the HR and compensation committee, the audit committee, strategy committee, and the board of director’s secretariat. CEO follows board of directors, and has associated with management board, board of directors secretariat, steering committee for strategic implementation, finance and investment committee, committee for SAP ERP implementation, committee for innovation development. The middle line of the Aeroflot structure combined from manyRead MoreOperational Risk Management50825 Words   |  204 Pagesthis deï ¬  nition, business risk would form part of operational risk although it constitutes the enterprise’s inherent risk of strategic management decisions and, therefore, is beyond the risk manager’s control and competence. In June 1999, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision7 decided to highlight the importance attributed to operational risk in banks by advocating an explicit regulatory capital charge for other risks. One of the reasons for doing so was the fact that the capital held as a cushionRead MoreComparative Study of Quality of Work Life Management in Tcs Ibm: a Case Study Analysis14194 Words   |  57 Pagesworking Life as the greater context for various factors in the workplace, such as job satisfaction and stress, may offer opportunity for more cost-effective interventions in the workplace. The effective targeting of stres s reduction, for example, may otherwise prove a hopeless task for employers pressured to take action to meet governmental requirements. Major issues of QWL Work at Indian organisations, has identified seven critical factors which will affect the quality of work life during the years aheadRead MoreHrm - Sony Corporation6440 Words   |  26 Pagesinnovative spirit of theiremployees and their products, make.believe will differentiate them from countless competitors and inspire consumers around the world to embrace all that is Sony.† â€Å"Believe† represents Sony’s ideas and ideals – the ability to think, imagine and dream – while â€Å"make† signifies the Company’s unique ability to turn these ideas into reality. The â€Å"dot† is where inspiration meets creativity and creativity meets reality, and symbolizes Sony’s role in bringing imagination to reality

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Social Marketing Changing Behaviors for Good

Question: Discuss about the Social Marketing Changing Behaviors for Good. Answer: Introduction: The idea of organ donation involves the pledge of a person of donating his organs for medical usage or research and education after his death. As mentioned by Marck et al. (2014), organ donation largely helps in treating the terminally ill patients by transplanting the needed organs collected from the donor. On the other hand, as mentioned by Gomez et al. (2015), the organ donation also assists in the saving the lives of the terminally ill patients by developing the research procedure of their treatment. For the successful completion of this report, the author has chosen the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Australia. Being a US based NGO, Make-A-Wish Foundation operates in 45 countries for arranging experiences described as wishes to the children belonging to the age group of 3 to 17 suffering from terminal medical conditions (Make a Wish , 2017). The rate of organ donation and transplantation is lower in Australia, than many other countries (22nd) (Lewis et al., 2015). According to the report of Ralph et al. (2016), more than 12000 Australians suffers in the organ transplant waiting lists or dialysis, each year. On the other hand, in 2015, 435 organ donors gave lives to 1241 people in Australia. In 2014, total number of organ transplantation was 1193 (Hyde Chambers, 2014). However, the number of the child recipient is not clear enough. However, it can be speculated that the number of children who became the beneficiary of this service is not insignificant. Hence, it can easily be ideated that the lack of donated organs are claiming the lives of the children that could be saved. Hence, the selection of Make-A-Wish Foundation for creating awareness for organ donation can be identified as relevant. The program/campaign focus: For encouraging the Australian community for organ donation to save the lives of the terminally ill children, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is going to arrange a social marketing program. As discussed by McKenzie-Mohr (2013), the idea of social marketing can be identified as the design, execution and control of programs with the aim of influencing the social ideas and commercially spread a social message which has the potential of benefitting the individuals and society by improving their wellbeing. Here, the organization is going to conduct a behavioral campaign, which is aimed to motivate people for donating their organs after their death. In this campaign Make-A-Wish Foundation is going to show the data where the children with terminal health condition had the potentiality of living but failed to attain it, due to the lack of donors and encourage the community for organ donation with the aim of saving another life. SWOT analysis: As discussed by Brennan et al. (2014), identification of the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is an important part in the process of social marketing planning. Strange Weakness The organization has a huge name recognition which will be helpful in creating an effective impact upon the target community. With strategic alliance with various governmental and non-governmental organizations the organization becomes able to successfully serve its target clients. With a large business alliance and in-kind donation, the organization is successful in its operating area. Lack of serving the socially sustainable causes. Lack of volunteers or dedicated employees is weakening the strength of successfully executing the programs. Opportunity Threat As the organization working for the terminally ill children, it has the opportunity of enhancing its operation in health and child care sector. The organization can use the social media for awareness generation or collecting donations. The nonprofit making character creates threat to the potential success of the organizational initiatives. Lack of social awareness and lack of motivation in the community to serve the social causes. Figure 1: The SWOT analysis on Make-A-Wish Foundation, Australia (Source: Make a Wish, 2017) Justification of an appropriate target market: As mentioned by Lefebvre (2013), in marketing plan, the commercial organizations generally target the most suitable audience for promoting and marketing their products. In the social marketing strategy selection of target market is also of the same importance. As discussed by Evans-Lacko et al. (2013), market segmentation can be done depending on the demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral factors. For successful and effective execution of this selected behavioral campaign, the organization has chosen the educated Australian belongings from the urban areas mainly from the age group of 20 to 50. Influencing the youths will create a sustainable impact for the initiative. As mentioned by Burchell, Rettie and Patel (2013), the people need to make understand how the organ donation can be helpful in medical sector. Moreover, people may have some prejudiced idea regarding organ donation. However, it will be easy for the organization to influence the people who have a certain level of education and hold a non superstitious view of life. Moreover, the organization can go for targeting the people who are extraverts. As discussed by Luca and Suggs (2013), the motive of being famous can drive them to act in favor of the campaign message. Marketing mix: As mentioned by Cates et al. (2014), for obtaining the social marking objective of motivating the community people for organ donation, the organizations need to create an effective marketing mix. By identifying the product or service offerings and designing the distribution channels, As mentioned by Firestone et al. (2016), product is the main offerings of an organization that the target customer is going to get after purchasing it. In the social media marketing product is the service offering that the NGO is going to offer. Make-a-wish will choose launching an online awareness and registration campaign. In collaboration with the social media plat forms, the organization can send personal message to the users saying BE THE GOD, it will be a web-link which will redirect the user to the official page of Make-A-Wish. Here, the organization will disseminate the information regarding the need of organ donation. The willing candidates will be provided some encouraging benefits from the organization. As mentioned by Lee and Kotler (2015), place is the platform from which the targeted customers are going to collect the product or the service offering of the organization. Here, the organization will go for launching the program in the social media sources, as it is the largest modern platform to address the young generation. The registration form will be available in the social media pages of Make-a-wish. Here, the organization may select using the Facebook pages or the Twitter accounts. In the context of social marketing, price is the cost that the organization is going to bear (Bakan, 2016). For executing the program the organization need to collect donations from the business alliances of the organization. Moreover, it can collect the donations from the social media platforms as they are going to launch the program solely on the web-pages and it will increase the time the users spending of Facebook and other social website and thus increasing their income. Being a reputable organization, Make-a-wish Australia can go for collecting donation from the international organizations working on the health sector or for the cause of organ donation. Here, the organization can also collect donations from the celebrities. Promotion: As mentioned by Andriamalala et al. (2013), promotion helps the organizations to communicating the message of the marketing plan to the target audiences. In the social media marketing, promotion can be identified as the use of various commercial promotional methods like advertisement, direct marketing or sales promotional method for communicating the social message and encouraging the target audience to behave in favor of that message. Here, the organization can select various strategies. Celebrity endorsement: as discussed by Bakan (2016), a number of empirical cases has identified that influencing the celebrities to support the social causes is typically helpful in attracting the attention of the communities. Here, the organization will engage the popular film stars and singers for supporting the cause of organ donation. However, it can be a bit () for the organization. Hence, the followings will simpler to use: Direct marketing: the organization is going to send personal invitation to every Facebook users and the followers of the organizations twitter account. By communicating directly to the users the organization will be able to make more effective communication with the targeted people (Lee and Kotler 2015). Sales promotion: here, the organization can select encouraging the behavior of organ donation by alluring the target audient with the awards like mentioning the name of the donor in the organizational website and providing personal mail of appreciation to them. On the other hand, the business alliances can also help the organization in this regard (Firestone et al., 2016). The company can go for making alliance with various popular brands, and the registered candidate will be provided certain level of discount from this brand. With such a tangible motivator the organization will be able to encourage more people for organ donation. Attention-grabbing message: For attracting the attention of the target customers the marketing teams select promotional messages. Make a wish can select the following attention grabbing message: Evaluate the effectiveness of your message: The message has a both a curious and direct approach to the target audience. As the target audience is the educated young demography, this message will catch their attention and they will go for visiting the page of the program. Moreover, the mysterious approach of the message with a web-link will surely catch the eye of the young generation. Conclusion: In conclusion it can be said that the social marketing of make a wish foundation needs to motivate the young people for donating the organs. It will support the organizational motive of serving the children in need. However, this project will be able to provide a focus on the sustainable services, which the organization notably lacks. The organization has chosen the social media platform as it is the easiest way to address the largest number of the young generation, which is the prime target of this program. The organization can hope to increase the number of registration of the organ donors with this social media program. References: Andriamalala, G., Peabody, S., Gardner, C. J., Westerman, K. (2013). Using social marketing to foster sustainable behaviour in traditional fishing communities of southwest Madagascar. Conservation Evidence, 10, 37-41. Bakan, J. (2016). Social marketing: thoughts from an empathetic outsider. Journal of Marketing Management, 32(11-12), 1183-1189. Brennan, L., Binney, W., Parker, L., Aleti, T., Nguyen, D. (Eds.). (2014). Social marketing and behaviour change: models, theory and applications. Edward Elgar Publishing. Burchell, K., Rettie, R., Patel, K. (2013). Marketing social norms: social marketing and the social norm approach. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 12(1), 1-9. Cates, J. R., Diehl, S. J., Crandell, J. L., Coyne-Beasley, T. (2014). Intervention effects from a social marketing campaign to promote HPV vaccination in preteen boys. Vaccine, 32(33), 4171-4178. Evans-Lacko, S., Malcolm, E., West, K., Rose, D., London, J., Rsch, N., ... Thornicroft, G. (2013). Influence of Time to Changes social marketing interventions on stigma in England 2009-2011. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 202(s55), s77-s88. Firestone, R., Rowe, C. J., Modi, S. N., Sievers, D. (2016). The effectiveness of social marketing in global health: a systematic review. Health Policy and Planning, czw088. Gomez, M., Mccaughan, G., Glanville, A., Northam, H., Weinman, M., Myerson, B., ... Pussell, B. (2015). A Liaison Between Business Leaders, Transplant Specialists And The Community To Lead Changes In The Organ Donation System In Australia-the Outcomes Model. Transplant International, 28, 275. Hyde, M. K., Chambers, S. K. (2014). Information sources, donation knowledge, and attitudes toward transplant recipients in Australia. Progress in Transplantation, 24(2), 169-177. Lee, N. R., Kotler, P. (2015). Social marketing: Changing behaviors for good. Sage Publications. Lefebvre, R. C. (2013). Social marketing and social change: Strategies and tools for improving health, well-being, and the environment. John Wiley Sons. Lewis, V. J., White, V. M., Bell, A., Mehakovic, E. (2015). Towards a national model for organ donation requests in Australia: evaluation of a pilot model. Critical Care and Resuscitation, 17(4), 233. Luca, N. R., Suggs, L. S. (2013). Theory and model use in social marketing health interventions. Journal of health communication, 18(1), 20-40. Make a Wish |. (2017). Retrieved 8 February 2017, from Marck, C. H., Jansen, N., Neate, S. L., Dwyer, B. M., van Haren, F., Weimar, W., IJzermans, J. (2014). Comparing organ donation practices and rates between Australia and the Netherlands to detect best practices and areas for improvement. Organs, Tissues Cells, 17, 175-183. McKenzie-Mohr, D. (2013). Fostering sustainable behavior: An introduction to community-based social marketing. New society publishers. Ralph, A. F., Alyami, A., Allen, R. D., Howard, K., Craig, J. C., Chadban, S. J., ... Tong, A. (2016). Attitudes and beliefs about deceased organ donation in the Arabic-speaking community in Australia: a focus group study. BMJ open, 6(1), e010138.

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Standing Out in a Group Essay Example

Standing Out in a Group Essay Personal Learning Journal 1 Company Name: Fliers for Fires Mark Pond 12930775 Over the last 5 weeks I have come to learn a lot about my group not only in terms of working in unity as one company, but each member within it on an individual level. My first impression of the group was one of surprise and ambiguity as I was a little hesitant whether or not we would work well as a team. This is due to the fact we have six members spread across three totally different countries/cultures with these being America, Australia and Saudi Arabia. When initially getting together and meeting everyone for the first time our group suffered from a mild case of shy-ness which ultimately resulted in Groupthink. This phenomenon was most prominent when we were presenting our various ideas to the rest of the group because we all tried to minimize conflict and reach a consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. 1] Evidently, as time went on and we got to know one another on a more personal level both inside and outside of the classroom and the formation of ideas and group discussion evolved allowing us to bond as a group and establish the foundations of a promising company. Throughout the last 21 years of my life I have come to understand that I am a person of two differing characteristics. We will write a custom essay sample on Standing Out in a Group specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Standing Out in a Group specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Standing Out in a Group specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer As such I have come to realize that I am both introverted and extroverted. When discussing matters as a group I become extremely introverted, unless I have pre-prepared what I wanted to say. This was prevalent in our first group meeting where we had to come up with ideas of what we could do for our project this semester. It was in this meeting that I held back from discussion and merely absorbed what others had to say. However, at the end of the meeting and after we learnt about brainstorming in class we all went away and formulated as many ideas as we could think of for potential events we could host. The following week when we re-gathered to express our ideas, I stole the thunder as I was well-prepared and had multiple proposals that could be used. It was during this meeting that our first concept (hosting a fair) was agreed upon and it so happened to be my idea that received the thumbs up/consensus from the rest of the group. After learning about Belbin’s team roles and completing the questionnaire, we as a group discovered a lot about one another. When comparing our results we discovered that we all seemed to fall under differing categories regarding our personality in terms of work ethic, organizational skills and how we could all contribute to the project. In saying so I was able to identify certain characteristics and traits from each group member, allowing me to assign them to a role within the company. My results are as follows: James Severance (CEO): Team Coordinator and monitor (great leadership skills) Luke Wilson: Shaper (due to his ability to propose various concepts on the same idea allowing us to create the best event within the idea we agree on) Alexey Potpov: Team Worker (he is good at contributing ideas and thoughts from all departments) Sarah Osman: Specialist (Sarah has excellent writing and drafting skills, as such she can specialize in editing and improving the report). Mohammed Almelahi: Team Worker, resource investigator Mark Pond (Myself): Team Worker, Completer/finisher, Implementer After having our idea of the fair being disproved by BUSA due to OHS issues, we were ultimately back at square one in terms of coming up with an idea for our project. After learning further in class about creativity and types of thinking we sat down and tried to implement what we had learnt. We discovered that there are two types of thinking: 1. Vertical thinking involving rational and logical steps resulting in an evaluative decision. The second type being lateral thinking, which is not as creative or logical and often results in distracted group members where their mind is everywhere but the task on hand. The second type of thinking was obvious when we sat down using the Delphi technique and tried to come up with a new idea that would be less prone to rejection. As such Luke, Alexey and myself were easily distracted and started discussing what we were going to do that night instead of trying to brain storm new ideas for the group. However, once we went away from one another and tried brainstorming on our own, Luke came up with an excellent idea that is now the forefront focus of our company. The most important element of our group is the way that no-one solely dominates group discussions. James our CEO does a wonderful job at getting the group focused and initiates conversation but in particular it is excellent the way he will move around the group and get ideas and opinions from everybody on each matter. This type of leadership works particularly well especially since Sarah and Mohammed are the quieter ones in the group. James’s ability to relate to the introverted-ness of some of our members allows for all individuals to speak up and provide their honest input into the decision making process. Due to the enthusiasm and initiative taken by our CEO James Severance, we are able to function as a group without any members being self-limited and overruled due to lack of expertise/knowledge on the subject. Furthermore as we have all proposed various ideas and come to a unanimous agreement on one event, no one has been pressured, undermined or bullied into agreeing to do anything they didn’t feel confident about compared to other groups that have experienced this dilemma. After studying the article ‘When members raise a White flag’ we were able to draw many aspects of how to create and maintain a well-rounded, on the ball, task orientated group. This article/exercise helped us become more accustomed to one another’s presence and allowed us to learn a little bit about each other in terms of teamwork, confidence in each member’s ability to not raise a white flag/give-up and ultimately establish certain goals and objectives we wish to achieve at the conclusion of the event. One of the most important things I have learnt over the past five weeks, is that in order for a team to function to the best of its ability, trust/friendship my first be established. At the start of the semester and after the groups had been chosen by the different CEO’s we found it difficult to connect as a group. This was because we didn’t know one another and the only reason we had to meet was because of the project at hand. However, as the week’s rolled over and we began to communicate outside of class, I felt that team unity was developing, especially between Luke, James and myself where we have started to call each other even when it’s not work related. This out of class friendship has strengthened our work ethic as a team and has increased the communication level between group members. I believe this has provided me with greater confidence to express my ideas and opinions and ultimately speak up a lot more than I did at the start when I was self-limiting myself due to not knowing anyone. After completing the Hofstede exercise on cultural dimensions in class this week, it was interesting to note the cultural differences between our group members. Unfortunately only Mohammed, James and myself were present for this exercise but at least I was able to determine the different quality’s between all three cultures in our group. As James is from USA, their wasn’t much of a difference between our cultures as our countries are very similar in almost every aspect. The biggest difference I discovered was with Mohammed’s cultural background. Mohammed is from Saudi Arabia and as such his country was found to have a relatively high power distance. In most circumstances this will relate to members from that country expressing their own ideas and not being suppressed by others even if they are in an authoritarian position. Most importantly however countries with this high power distance usually analyse and think about an idea before making any rash decisions and diving into the deep end of the pool. The fact that Mohammed simply agreed with everyone’s idea’s and didn’t propose any of his own had me startled as his culture would suggest that he do the exact opposite. Furthermore, anyone who comes from the Middle-East and in particular Saudi Arabia seems to be brought up in a very reserved and conservative society, where they must establish some sort of trust/friendship with someone before conducting business. Perhaps as Mohammed simply agreed with the ideas and didn’t really speak his mind he was intimidated by how quickly we got passed the ‘getting to know one another’ stage and was forced into ‘shy-ness’, thus becoming introverted. To date we have come along way as a group. Together we have overcome hurdles, had our proposal rejected by BUSA, further formulated ideas, built on our friendship’s on an individual level between group members and ultimately have had a great time thus far working as team ‘Fliers for Fires’. I feel that I still have a lot more to learn from/about my group members as they do about me, and I believe once we begin to put our proposal into action we have the commitment and ability to conduct a fantastic event with all proceeds going towards Victoria’s fire victims. [1] http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Groupthink

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2018 2019 Full Review of Every ACT Test Date

2018 2019 Full Review of Every ACT Test Date SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Figuring out the best ACT test date for you isn’t always easy, especially if you’re stuck debating between two or more upcoming ACTs. Before you choose a date, ask yourself:which date will work best with your schedule? Will you have any obligations or extracurriculars around that time? When are your college application deadlines? This guide introduces all upcoming ACT test dates for the 2018-19 testing year and also offers specific advice on the best possible dates for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 2018 ACT Test Dates These fall and early winter ACTs are some of the best dates for juniors looking totake their first ACT. They’re also good for seniors who want to take the ACT a final time before their college applications are due. As for sophomores, most of these dates are too early and should be avoided. September 8, 2018 Registration Deadline: August 10, 2018 Late Registration Deadline: August 26, 2018 Sophomores This test date is at the start of the school year and is therefore too early for sophomores. As a sophomore, you won’t yet have studied the bulk of concepts tested on the ACT, so there won’t be much point in taking it this early. In addition, because most sophomores don’t know for sure where they’ll be applying to college just yet, you probably won’t have a concrete list of schools or a specific ACT goal score in mind. If you’d really like to get a head start on your ACT prep, you can use this time to begin some light studying: try out some official ACT practice questions, get familiar with the test format, and take a look at a few official practice tests. Juniors This is a great date for juniors to take their first ACT. By this time, you should be familiar with most ACT content. This date also gives you plenty of time to retake the ACT in the spring, summer, and/or fall of your senior year, if needed. (We recommend taking the ACT at least twice since you’re more likely to get a higher score on your second try!) Finally, this test date gives you the whole summer to prep for the ACT, which can be helpful if you're not a fan of studying during the school year and having to juggle classes and test prep. Seniors Seniors can use this test date to take their final ACT before college application deadlines. If you’re applying early decision or early action, this date easily allows you to get your ACT scores to your colleges in time. (Most early decision/early action deadlines are around November.) Furthermore, since you’ll have the whole summer to prep for the ACT, you won’t have to worry about balancing test prep with college applications. Who said Halloween candy can't be brain food for the ACT? October 27, 2018 Registration Deadline: September 28, 2018 Late Registration Deadline: October 14, 2018 Sophomores Again, this test date is still early for sophomores. However, if you really want to get exposure to the ACT, you have three main options at this point: Option 1:Take a full-length ACT practice test.Doing this can help you learn more about the format and content of the exam. Just note that you won’t have studied all the concepts being tested on it yet. Option 2:Take the PreACT,which is a practice ACT for sophomores. This test is similar to the PSAT (a practice SAT), only it's not associated with a scholarship competition. The PreACT may be administered any time during the school year between September and June. Schools choose whether (and when) they want to administer it. To learn more about the PreACT and your high school's plans for it, speak with your guidance counselor. Option 3: Take the PSAT,which will be administered on October 10, 2018. Even though the PSAT is a practice test for the SAT and not the ACT, taking it can be a smart way to get in some general test-taking practice and help you determine whether you should take the SAT or ACT. It can also help prepare you to take the PSAT again as a junior when you'll be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program! Juniors This October test date is another great date for juniors, especially if you missed the earlier one in September. This ACT date gives you ample time to see your scores and then prepare for a retake in the spring or summer. If you’ve decided to take the PSAT, however, I don’t advise taking the ACT at this time. Studying for both tests could easily overwhelm you- and might even confuse you, too, sincethe PSAT/SAT and ACT, albeit similar, are not identical in content or form. Seniors Seniors can choose this test date and still get their ACT scores to colleges in time. Since most regular application deadlines are January 1, this is a good time to take the ACT one last time should you want to. If you'reapplying early action/early decision, this date should work for most schools- but be aware that it'll likely be the last possible ACT you can take. Don't forget that you’ll be pretty busy around this time as you prepare your college applications, so I highly recommend opting for an earlier test date if possible. If only this adorable Arctic fox administered this wintry ACT. December 8, 2018 Registration Deadline: November 2, 2018 Late Registration Deadline: November 19, 2018 Sophomores Although this test date is still early for 10th graders,if you’re really curious about what the ACT is like, go ahead and give it a shot. Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself to get a high score; you still haven’t learned all the ins and outs of the concepts tested on the ACT, after all! Ultimately, it's still a better idea to just focus on taking ACT practice tests instead of taking the actual ACT. (Plus, you’ll save money!) Juniors While you can definitely take the ACT on this date, it might overlap with your finals, so I suggest taking it on one of the earlier test dates if possible. If you haven’t taken the ACT at all and really want to get your first one over with before spring, this is a solid date to choose. Just make sure you have a plan for balancing your finals with your ACT prep. Seniors This is the last possible ACT test date for most seniors. If you're applying regular decision, most colleges should be able to accept ACT scores from this date; some won't, though, so make sure to check with your colleges directly before you register for this test. As is the case for juniors, since this test date might overlap with your prep for finals, it's important to strike a healthy balance in your schedule so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. C'mon, Frank, you had one job- to drag in the 2019 statue and get out of the frame! *sighs* 2019 ACT Test Dates Although seniors likely won’t be able to take the ACT after early winter, these test dates should work well for sophomores and juniors. February 9, 2019 Registration Deadline: January , 2019 Late Registration Deadline: January 18, 2019 This test date is not available in New York. Sophomores You can take the test on this date if you really want to, but just know that it’s still pretty early for sophomores. You’ll likely struggle the most with the Math section, especially if you’re in Geometry class. If you’re in Algebra II or higher, however, you should know most of the math concepts being tested and could give it a shot if you're truly interested. Juniors Juniors can opt for this test date if they wish, but it’s most likely better to wait to take the ACT until spring, especially if it’s your second ACT and you took your first test back in the fall. Waiting for a spring test date will give you more time between tests to prep and hone your weaknesses so you can ultimately achieve a bigger score increase. Moreover, if you choose this winter test date, you’ll likely have to do a significant amount of ACT prep over your winter break. Seniors This is the final test date seniors can choose if applying regular decision at select colleges. Though most colleges won’t accept ACT scores from the February test date, some will, especially those with late application deadlines. If you’re thinking of taking the ACT one final time, make sure to check whether the schools you’re applying to will accept scores from this test date or not. Ah, spring. When you can finally study for the ACT in the same field Edward Cullen sparkled in. April 13, 2019 Registration Deadline: March 8, 2019 Late Registration Deadline: March 25, 2019 Sophomores This is a good date for high-achieving sophomores to try out the ACT. By this time, you should have learned most of the concepts on the test (though there might be some math ones you’ve yet to master). I suggest using this test to get a baseline score and to figure out what your biggest weaknesses are so you can start to think about what you'll need to concentrate on in your future prep. After you get your scores, you can take the ACT again in the fall of your junior year, and if you hit your goal score then, that's it- no more ACT! This gives you a huge advantage, as it lets you get the test out of the way early and gives you extra time to work on your college applications. Juniors This April test date is an excellent time for juniors to take the ACT for the first or second time, as it shouldn’t conflict with finals. Plus, by this point, you’ll have learned all the major concepts that are tested on the ACT. If this is your second ACT, you’re doing a great job of organizing your time. If you're able to hit your goal score on this date, you won’t have to retake the ACT and can instead use the summer to relax and focus on getting a head start on your college applications. If you still haven’t taken the ACT, however, I recommend doing so by this test date. This way, you’ll still have the whole summer to study and retake it at the end of summer or in the fall of your senior year should you need to raise your scores. Seniors Unfortunately, this test date is too late for seniors, as nearly all college application deadlines will have passed by this time. Be sure to get in your final ACT by December (or possibly February, depending on your colleges’ deadlines). June 8, 2019 Registration Deadline: May 3, 2019 Late Registration Deadline: May 20, 2019 Sophomores This is another great date for sophomores to take the ACT. With this date, you’ll get your ACT scores back by mid-summer and can use the rest of the summer to start prepping for a retake at the beginning of your junior year. The only big disadvantage is that this date might conflict with finals, which can make it tricky to prioritize your prep time wisely. Juniors This is another solid option for juniors, especially if you want to get the ACT over with before summer vacation. As I mentioned above, however, this test date could conflict with your finals, so make sure you’re using your time smartly and aren't overwhelming yourself with too many study sessions. Ideally, you’ll check your schedule before you register for this date so you can know exactly when all your tests are and when you can dedicate time to studying for each of them. If possible, I recommend opting for the April test date instead of this one, as that one is a lot less likely to coincide with finals and other important school tests. Summer challenge: eat your ice cream before it melts while taking an ACT practice test! Bonus points if you don't get any ice cream on your test. Triple bonus points if you don't care and just lick it off. July 13, 2019 Registration Deadline: June 14, 2019 Late Registration Deadline: June 24, 2019 This test date is not available in New York or California. Sophomores This is a good date for sophomores who want to get their first ACT done before junior year. By this time you’ll have learned nearly all the big concepts on the test. Therefore, you can use this ACT to get a more accurate feel as to what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are. One big plus is that you won’t have to deal with any classes or homework as you prepare for this test, since it’s in the middle of summer.Unfortunately, this means that you’ll be spending about half the summer studying, so think deeply about whether this is OK before you sign up for it. You’ll get your scores in August, which doesn’t give you a ton of time to assess your performance and prepare for a retake in September. That being said, you should have enough time to prep for a retake in either October or December. Juniors This is an excellent test date for juniors who don’t want to prep during the school year and don’t mind studying over the summer. You also won’t have to worry about college applications at this time, so feel free to channelallyour energy into getting a great ACT score! Review: The Best ACT Test Dates for 2018-19 In total, there are seven ACT test dates for the 2018-19 testing year, which are as follows: September 8, 2018 October 27, 2018 December 8, 2018 February 9, 2019 (not available in New York) April 13, 2019 June 8, 2019 July 13, 2019 (not available in New York or California) For sophomores, the best test dates are those at the end of the school year and those in the summer: April, June, and July. These dates are good since they give you time to learn most of the content on the ACT; they also give you ample time to prepare for and later retake the exam during your junior year. When it comes to juniors, pretty much all ACT test dates work well. We typically advise juniors to take their first ACT in the fall and their second ACT in the spring. Following this schedule will give you plenty of time to retake the test a third time in the fall of your senior year, if needed. Seniors can take their final ACT in the fall (September or October),as these dates should allow enough time for scores to get to colleges before applications are due- even if you're applying early action or early decision. Seniors can also do the December or February dates but only if absolutely necessary- and if the colleges you’re applying to have specifically stated they will accept test scores from these dates. What’s Next? For more tips on how to find the best ACT test date for you, check out our in-depth guide to ACT test dates for 2018 and 2019.Once you pick a date, spend some time learning what you'll want to bring to the test- and what you'll want to leave behind! You know how to find the ideal date for you- but what about the ideal test center? Get tips in our guide to choosing the best ACT test center. Curious about SAT test dates, too?Read our full guide to choosing SAT dates for 2018 and 2019! Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Nutritional protocol for hypothyroidism Research Paper

Nutritional protocol for hypothyroidism - Research Paper Example Based on reliable clinical studies and experience of the medical experts on the field, he or she points out the array of nutritional factors that may affect thyroid functions as to lead the readers in making informed choices in their pursuit for a problem-free thyroid and in the end live healthily. Pathology and Etiology The thyroid gland which is located in front of the neck, is the particular body part central to the study of hypothyroidism. However, some cases are due to the malfunctions in the pituitary gland or in the hypothalamus. The most common cause of hypothyroidism all over the world is iodine deficiency -- prevalent among impoverished nations. A number of women develop hypothyroidism after pregnancy, called postpartum thyroiditis (Lowrance 15). Other common causes include congenital or birth defects, radiation treatments targeted in the neck area which may damage the thyroid gland, radioactive iodine used in treating hyperactive thyroid and surgical operations on the thyr oid gland (Koumourou 53). Certain substances such as amiodarone, lithium, methimazole, propylthiouracil and ultimately excessive amounts of radiation precipitate hypothyroidism. People over 50 years old and mostly female have high-risk determinants to develop such disease (Pratt and Levy 22). Thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are the hormones that account for the total thyroid hormones that flow in the bloodstream. These hormonal constituents maintain biological activities in the body that affect the metabolism of cells. When these processes are disrupted, then the anatomical regularities will also be disturbed that may lead to the following symptoms: sensitivity to cold, joint or muscle pain, fatigue and weakness, constipation, brittle hair or fingernails, pale and dry skin, weight gain, and depression. If left untreated, late manifestations such as thickening of the skin, thinning of bodily hair, slow speech, hoarseness, and decreased sense of taste and smell will occur (Fe nton 26-30). Myxedema coma, the most serious form of hypothyroidism though rare, can result in death for people who remain untreated. Dietary Restrictions Laboratory tests and medical examinations are required to know exactly what type of hormonal malfunctions or thyroid defects are suffered by the patient. Whether it is autoimmune thyroiditis or hypothalamic disease or just a severe case of iodine deficiency, diagnosis is needed in order to establish the most appropriate and efficacious nutritional protocol (Rubin 70). With the exception of certain conditions, the treatment of hypothyroidism necessitates a life-long medical attention and care. The commonest procedure focuses on hormonal replacement using Levothyroxime, however, clinical studies and experience show that the dietary intake of those with hypothyroidism is also a determining factor in the alleviation or in the worsening of the disorder (Hueston 1718). Because hypothyroidism slows down the metabolic process, knowledge o n what to eat and how to eat is pivotal for those who have the disease (Ain and Rosenthal 258). Goitrogens, or foods containing enzymes which catapults the growth of goiter, block the absorption of iodine in the thyroid gland and may disable thyroid functions, should be religiously avoided. Soya, cassava,

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Mediation and intercultural communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mediation and intercultural communication - Essay Example is to ensure the best performance of his duties, connected with finding an acceptable agreement between opposing parties. As far as mediation in Saudi Arabia is concerned, completely confidential and satisfactory for both parties resolution of the conflict should be meant, while mediation sphere in this country comprises one of the best professionals in this area. Mediators in Saudi Arabia are divided by the sphere of professional interest: for example, in order to solve dispute concerning employment agreement, it is necessary to contact with mediator in Saudi Arabia, who specializes in labor contracts. Other kinds of disputes, which can be handled by mediators in Saudi Arabia, include consumers, business, divorce etc. Saudi Arabia, being a multicultural country, faces disputes in which representatives of opposing cultural views are involved. Intercultural relations and communication are of the great importance in such cases, as it is tremendously necessary to tolerate opposin g parties in order to come to an agreement, which will satisfy both. In such cases mutual understanding and intercultural communications play an integral part and share each other’s thoughts and views, help to understand other opinions and to come to common solutions. To conclude, mediation in Saudi Arabia is a basic instrument in solving disputes and finding agreements. Intercultural relations and communication make it possible to understand opposing parties and to reach a common goal Seat, K. (2012, March 19). International Mediation Developments – November 2013.International Mediation Developments - November 2013. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from Zemanta, A. (2010, January 11). Virtual Mediation Lab.  Virtual Mediation Lab. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from

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Exposure - creative personal writing Essay Example for Free

Exposure creative personal writing Essay A quick, stealthy character moves across the office, photocopying top secret files. The information was very damaging stuff. He leaves as quickly as he enters. Who is this person? Why does he want this information? Will the press get hold of it? The Rayman walked down an alley, on the way to his hide-out. He was a short man, who had brown hair with flecks of grey. In places he was going bald, he had shaven his hair very short. He had a well shaven beard. His face was an average face with brown eyes. He wore brown trousers, with black shoes. On the top he wore a brown, well-ironed polo shirt. Over it he wore a leather jacket. When he was around people he walked with a limp. This hid his true identity. He got to his house, flicked on the televison to the news. He now heard about a break in at 10 Downing Street. Also he heard about the top secret documents that have been stolen. The next day he decided he wants these secret documents. He needed a team of mastermind criminals to work with. He got one of his closest colleagues, Rumbo. His plan was to get arrested with all these other mastermind criminals. He and his colleagues have been informed about a truck transporting guns around for the army. The Rayman and Rumbo were on the trail of the truck. The truck took a left down a empty road. The Rayman put his foot on the accelerator and zoomed past the truck then did a handbrake turn straight in front of the truck. The two of them jumped out of the car with their balaclavas on. They were both holding automatic shotguns, with the barrels sawn off. The Rayman opened the door on the drivers side and blew the drivers head off. Rumbo did the same to the passenger. The Rayman put the bodies in the back and started the truck up while Rumbo drove the other car off. The two of them met up again on the edge of the of the river. Here they moved all the guns from the truck into the car. Quickly they set light to the truck and pushed it into the river. Next, they drove back to the Raymans warehouse and offloaded the guns and hid them under the floor boards. Now they blew their car up. There was now no hard evidence on them. One of the biggest police investigations took place to find the murders. The police arrested the Rayman, along with Peat, The Accountant and Amen. The four were put in a cell together. It was here the Rayman put the proposal to them of getting the document. Peat and The Accountant thought it was a great idea. The problem was that Amen was going straight. Over the next two hours they tried to explain that it was good idea to get the documents. Amens girlfriend was a very good lawyer and got the four of them out quicker than the Rayman expected. Once out the Rayman cornered down Amen. At first Amen was reluctant to join the group. After a few slaps and a good two hours Amen was persuaded to join the group. Amen went home told his girlfriend that he was going to London to get these files. She decided to leave him. This filled Amen with rage against the Rayman. The next day the four of them went on a road trip to London. In London the four of them met up with some of their contacts. They met up at Ventura Hill at 8pm. Jack and Jill had followed them here from Liverpool and were watching them. The contacts told them of this up and coming gangster, the Shadow. He was one of the best thieves in England. The group were informed by Rumbo about a drug shipment, to a rival gang leader Jack the Hat. They contacted the Shadow and ask him to help them steal the drugs. The shadow was extremely keen to work with the hardcore gangsters. Jack and Jill found out about their plans and had the police lined up to arrest everyone, at the ship. Meanwhile Rumbo had come down to help and supply the guns. They were ready to attack the ship and infiltrated the ship through the cargo hole. The Rayman told Amen to stay out of the action and hide in the boxes. The Shadow shot the first person. Soon after that the gunfight opened up and it was a dangerous place. The Rayman followed the Shadow. When they where alone he attacked the shadow and got him to tell him where the secret documents were. Tell me where the documents are before I blast you to the pearly gates says the Rayman. Theyre in a sailing boat says the Shadow. WHICH ONE? says the Rayman. Enterprise K40421, at the mariner says the Shadow. Bang! the Rayman shoots the Shadow in the head. Then the police turn up and arrest everyone who is alive. The only person left is the Rayman, who got out and hide near the ship. When the Rayman was arrested he used his real name David Edwards. The good thing was that David Edwards had no criminal record to give the police a harder time. The only witness left was a dying captain and all he could say was Rayman, Rayman. The polices first question was, What happened. The story David Edwards told goes something like this. Have you heard of the Shadow? Well he was the one who stole the secret documents. The Rayman had the idea of getting them off him. He told us the idea when we all were arrested. says David Edwards. So who was the Rayman? says Jack. Amen, he said he was going straight so it would be less likely it was him. Anyway, I went along because I had no choice in the matter. The plan was to attack this ship bringing in drugs. While doing this the Rayman will get the secret documents and a lot of drugs. While doing this I hid behind some boxes so as not to get involved says David Edwards So you just got mixed up with the group because we arrested you? Well, I only have one choice, to let you go, says Jack. David Edwards walks out the police station. Then straight away stops walking with a limp. He gets into a cab and goes to the mariner. Here he finds Enterprise K40421. Under the front he finds a brief case. There is no code to put in. He presses the two buttons, Click, Click. On the top of the brief case in big writing is a sign, which says Have a nice day. Kaboom.